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Armed Response

When there’s an issue, you need help you can trust and rely on. Only candidates of the highest caliber are chosen to serve. because your security is our highest priority.


We understand that the need for home security patrols are increasing throughout the nation. In many cases, the only option is to contact a private surveillance company with the proper experience and expertise to monitor the residence vigilantly.

Man Guarding

Was there a sudden break in? Did the alarm go off?
We provide the necessary man and muscle power to your premises in case of an emergency, intrusion or accident.

Traffic Control

Whether you’re a construction company, oil company, or a client that needs assistance with a specific need, we will not only protect your projects & business interests, but we’ll also help you mitigate any errors or threats to the successful completion of your jobs and safety of those around!

CCTV Surveillance

From home alarm security systems to complex commercial property CCTV monitoring, Sub Saharan can help your home and business be truly protected. Call us today for a free consultation on all of your commercial, industrial, retail and niche-based security alarm protection services.

Access control

With the access card programmed accordingly, you can restrict, monitor and control access to only those employees who you feel should have access to specific areas. It also allows the organization to control costs, by monitoring who did what when and for how long.

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