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Sub Saharan offers the best services in executive and VIP Protection whether it be close protection or shadowing our clients. Our goal is to set the global standard in protection services. 


Depending on your profession or lifestyle, some everyday situations may not be entirely risk-free, regardless of if the threat is opportunistic or planned. Incidents that affect personal safety, both indirectly or directly, can and do occur each day.
From government officials, executives, VIPs, celebrities and others who are seeking protective services.


See our best and most popular benefits of hiring us.

Bodyguard Services

Our security guards provide close protection and advise clients of any potential security threats present. We are licensed and have the proper training and certifications to provide the level of protection necessary.

Security Drivers

In addition to protection for a client’s person,
we also provide security drivers. This ensures that
each client can be safely transported where they need
to go.

Personal Escort

High levels of security provided for an entourage or escort from Airports. More than just a driver, we offer trained and knowledgeable security experts to handle your local transportation needs safely.

Crowd Control

We work in close colloboration with concert promoters and venues to inform us of all aspects of the event. From gate attendants to traffic control, to crowd management, our goal is to ensure that your concert runs smoothly and without incident.

Event Security

We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for holding your concert or special event. Our commitment to providing the very highest level of concert security begins with our strategic planning and coordination

Hostile Terminations

Our security specialists will focus on preventing a situation from escalating. If the situation escalates to a level where there isn’t any other choice than to use force to protect lives, our guards know how to react and only use force when absolutely necessary.

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